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 Lotus Panache Location  Sector-110 Noida
 Total Land | Plot Area  41 Acres
 Total Flats  3400 ( Approx )
 Developer   The 3c Company
 Launched   Jan 2010
 Possession   Possesion Given( Ph-1) | Final Possession - End - 2015
 Type of Flats | BHK |  2 | 2+Study | 3 | 3+Ser. | 3+study+Ser | 4+ser. | 
 Height of Towers  G+14 | G+ 25 | Island - G+23,25,27,29,30.

Lotus Panache

3c Lotus Panache

A Branded Quality Project in Noida of The 3c Company. 3c Lotus Panache embraces extraordinary design, quality, pristine and calm. A project by 3c Company situated in Noida sector-110, amidst Sector 82, 105, 108, 104 and an Ashram behind. This Project is being developed by 3c company, it is a corner plot(No:GH-05) and fully open with no obstructions nearby.  The total area of this plot is 41 acres having 30 towers in it. This project has two standards of Quality, one is economy class inhabitants having 25 Towers(Tower No:1 to 25/Flat Size -988,1130,1330,1415,1592,1935,1955). Second one is for high class inhabitants - Lotus Panache Island. The connectivity makes it a perfect destination to reside. Because of developed society, all daily need things are available from sector-110 market. Yatarth Hospital for medical facilities, schools nearby and in Lotus Panache itself has a Pre-Nursery School in it. Close proximity of Noida-Greater Noida Expressway(around 0.08 Km) makes life convenient and easy. 

Lotus Panache Island

Lotus Panache Island is considered as a part of 3c Lotus Panache build for the high class inhabitants and there are only 5 Towers(No: 25/26/27/28/29/30) in it and 2 Flat sizes of 2350( 3+Study+Servant Room) and 2587(4BHK+Servant Room). It is beautifully and strategically surrounded by Greenery and vertical landscaping concepts and most important is the Artificial Lake. Wow what an amazing view adapted from western culture, a feel of fresh air and flowing water nearby you.

Amenities of Lotus Panache

  sports club chip and putt WiFi GYM Intercom Facility
Sports Clubs Chip & Putt Wi-Fi Gymnasium Intercom Facility
Security Vaastu kids play area Tennis Swimming Pools Society Cabs
Security Vaastu Kids Play Area Tennis Courts Swimming pools  Society Ca


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Lotus Panache Sample Flat Walkthrough

Lotus Panache Price Trends

There has always been a difference we have seen in the trends of Lotus Panache in Resale and fresh Bookings of Flats. If we see the Fresh Bookings and Resale trends we can  easily assume why fresh Booking are on Higher price and why Resale of Flats are on lower Side.

      Basis on Past Prevailing Prices And our Expectations:

     3c Lotus Panache Projects Updates


3c Lotus Panache Floor Plans

Unit Type Asking BSP Original Bookings Sizes

Floor Plans

 2BHK-2-Toi On Request On Request 988 Sq.ft View Floor Plan
 2BHK-3-Toi On Request On Request 1130 Sq.ft View Floor Plan
 2BHK-Study-3-Toi On Request On Request 1330 Sq.ft View Floor Plan
 3BHK+3Toi On Request On Request 1415 sq.ft View Floor Plan
 3BHK+3Toi+Ser.Room On Request On Request 1592 Sq.ft View Floor Plan
 3BHK+Study+Ser.Room On Request On Request 1935 Sq.ft View Floor Plan
 3BHK+Study+Ser.Room On Request On Request 1955 Sq.ft View Floor Plan
 3BHK+Study+Ser.Room On Request On Request 2350 Sq.ft View Floor Plan
 4BHK+Ser.Room+5Toi On Request On Request 2587 Sq.ft View Floor Plan

3c Lotus Panache Frequently Asked Questions


Ques: What is the Current Circle Rate of Lotus Panche Sector 110 ?

Ans) It is around 5000-5200 Per Sq.ft.


Ques: What is the registry price of my flat ?

 Ans: You can calculate the registry amount of flat with simple calculations:

 Size * 5000 = Amount ( 5 % of total amount)


Ques: Is there any relaxation if we want the flat to get registered on any Female’s name or Joint Name ?

 Ans:  No, the registry amount is fixed and flat female/male and joint Names.


Ques: When do we need to pay the registry amount and to whom ?

 Ans: Registry will be demanded at the time of final possession and you will have to give the registry amount to 3c and sit relax. 3c  will do all the formalities.


Ques: What is the effect of Bird Sanctuary on 3c Lotus Panache ?

 Ans) The Resale prices have gone down and because of lack of buyers in market, Flats are easily available below Rs.200-300  from market price.


Ques: what is the Login/buying Price of Towers in Lotus Panache ?

 Ans) Tower No: 1-16 = 2856 – 3100

 Tower No : 17 = 5500

 Tower No: 18 = 4320

 Tower No 19 = 3800

 Tower No 20-25 = 3264


Ques: When is the actual possession of Lotus Panache expected ?

Ans : The exact and correct status of 3c Lotus Panache are:

Possession of Tower No: 8/9/10 – Nov-Dec-2014

Possession of 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/14/15/16/20/21/22/23/24/25 – August-Oct 2015.

Possession of tower No: 17/18/19 = Dec – 2016

Panache Island tower No: 28/29/30 – Dec -2015.

Panache Island Tower No: 26/27 – Dec 2016.


 Ques ) Possession of my flat is coming, should I hold or Sell my flat in 3c Lotus Panache ?

 Ans: Waiting for possession is a good idea to get some more return, but one thing you need to understand that when the  possession will come, you will have to spend Rs.250 Per sq.ft as registry amount and after possession your asking price will  automatically go on higher side, now when you want to sell, think as a buyer of the same flat. What a buyer needs will have to pay  is total amount of flat + Registry + Rs.275( Transfer Charges to Noida Authority). Buyer will rather wait for possession and buy flat  in those towers where possession is about to come and pay Rs. 90 as a Transfer to Noida Authority.


Ques: Is 3c really not going to pay the Penalty as late possession ?

 Ans: 3c will only give penalty to those buyers who have paid all their payments/installments on time. Any late installment shall not be entertained.


Ques: what is the availibility of Resale flats in Lotus Panache ?

 Ans: There are availabilities in Lotus Panache always, but buyer should meet directly with the seller always.


Ques: What is the fresh booking price of 3c Lotus Panache ?

 Ans: The fresh booking Price is Rs.6500 Per Sq.ft + Other Charges.

 T-17 = 6750 + other charges.


Ques: how much time will club take to get functional as Boulevard has opened the club for public ?

Ans: 2016, with the final possession of society. Can be given before as well. But market and shopping complexes will open for the  convenience for public very soon -2015.


Ques: Should I buy a Park-Facing flat or Non-park facing Flat in 3c Lotus Panache ?

 Ans: Park is considered up to 12th floor and after 12th, no park can be seen. Prefer apartment on which get sunlight with no  obstruction in front of your flat. Call is yours..


Ques: What is the Resale process of 3c Lotus Panache ?

 Ans: Please visit for resale process



Ques: will we get any modular kithen or any kind of Modular thing in flat Lotus Panache flats ?

 Ans: No, only basic fittings in Kitchen and toilets you gonna get.


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